The Arwen Book Two: Manifest Destiny

The Arwen Book Two: Manifest Destiny by Timothy Callahan
The Arwen Book Two: Manifest Destiny I have mixed feelings about this book. The author did an amazing job creating the setting for this book. The Handlers were well done and were very interesting. I also enjoyed the concept of creating wormholes for travel. The story as a whole was a joy to read. The version of the book I received wasn’t edited and it hurt the readability of the book but the author assured me it was being edited and would be re-released soon. There were also quite a few inconsistencies that hurt the story and that’s a shame. There is so much potential for this book. I also have to mention that Professor Ricter’s behavior near the end of the book was childish and ruined the story. There is no way a ship’s captain would put up with behavior like that, let alone give in to it. A realistic reaction would have been to restrict the professor to his quarters or the brig, or in extreme cases, remove him from the ship altogether. Even with the lack of editing and the large number of inconsistencies, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all science fiction fans.


One thought on “The Arwen Book Two: Manifest Destiny

  1. Tim Callahan

    Thanks Clint!
    I found the Professor Ricter comment the most interesting. He was one of the most fun characters to write. Basically, he’s a genius who thinks himself an expert on everything and, if he’s not an expert, he’ll study it until he becomes one. He’s arrogant and loves to press people’s buttons. When he walks into a room he knows he’s the smartest man there and will never let anyone forget that. He looks for weaknesses in people and exploits them to his advantage. In the scenes Clint is talking about, Professor Ricter is leading a team of hand picked scientist to try and find a way to beat the Handlers, the bad guys in the story. He knows that he’s invaluable to the war effort, knows the captain in question is weak, and does what he wants to get what he wants. Yes, it’s childish, but I work with a bunch of lawyers and trust me, no matter what age you are if you have the personality of someone who uses his power to get what he wants, he’s going to use it and doesn’t care how childish he seems.


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