Review of Pure Control by C. Lloyd Brill

Sarah Lowry reviews my first novel, Pure Control.

S.M. Lowry

Pure Control

*Disclaimer: I beta-read this book. It was NOT in exchange for a review. The review is because I loved it!

Genre: Science Fiction

In Pure Control by C. Lloyd Brill a strange room is unearthed during the building of an amusement park. With the room’s bizarre but inoperative knobs and gadgets, the amusement park developer believes it will make a great attraction for little kids. Unfortunately for the first group to enjoy the attraction, the room turns out to be something they never expected. The need to work together is vital, but the situation brings out the worst in the people involved. Giancarlo tries desperately to lead, but he’s frequently thwarted by Quinn. While the adults fight for control, the power rests with the children.

Pure Control is a wonderfully written sci-fi novel. I hated being interrupted during this novel because I just had to know what happened next. C…

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